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  We can assist you with property acquisition and selling, giving you expert advice on the best way for you to transfer the ownership, the specifics of the deal and the moments that require your attention and precise decision. We provide legal assistance on buying property with a mortgage and clarify the obligations of the parties when you have a contract for obtaining property with obligation for support and care. Our advice in the area of real estate starts with the preparation and drafting of all necessary documentation, negotiations with the counter party, the investor and/or builder, continues with assistance with the spot on choice of property and finishes with the successful conclusion of the deal.

We can give you an expert legal advice on specific matters like:
• Property legal due diligence related to property law status and its characteristics;
• Property acquisitions, buying or selling property, including its tax and financial aspects;
• Preliminary contracts for a property and proclamation their validity in court;
• Litigation and consultation on property cases, suggesting decisions regarding the choice of property and a company-manager after that;
• Establishing right to build over a property;
• Voluntary and court partition of co-owned property;
• Termination of contracts due to their invalidity;
• Assistance on obtaining compensation for broken clauses of preliminary or final contract;
• Rental or lease contract;
• Management and maintenance contract;
• Building contracts, obtaining building permission, change of land statute;
• Restitution claims;
• Investment project and representation of major infrastructural projects.

Our mission is to provide an exceptional client care service.
We will compliment your business insight by a tailored legal expertise.

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